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Content Creator and Developer

What's good!? I'm Alem, a 16-year-old Content Creator and Developer who is passionate about design, development, and music.

I love to upload YouTube videos and to stream. This website serves as a billboard for my best creations and the ones I think are worth showing! Looking forward to speaking with you!

Game Development

Coming very soon. I don't have much good stuff to show at the moment.
I just don't want to show off bad stuff on my website so I prefer waiting to have some valuable stuff to put here.

Thanks for understanding! :D

Icons, GFX & 2D Art

Video Editing

Reviews & Comments

FetchingFerret's PFP

Video Editing & Thumbnail Making - FetchingFerret

Rating: 10/10 (100%)

"W Editor and thumbnail maker, honestly a great guy to work with! I approve!"

Leaf Plays' PFP

Video Editing - Leaf Plays

Rating: 10/10 (100%)

"10/10 Stars would definitely recommend to others"

Default PFP

2D Art - ASi_YT

Rating: 10/10 (100%)

"Hi I’m a customer of AlemDev and all I can say is.. 1000/10 work was quick amazing good looking more then I ever expected. Id go back to AlemDev in a heart beat work was amazing!! I highly recommend him!"

Default PFP

2D Art - IronicZones

Rating: 10/10 (100%)

"The experience that I had at AlemDev was excellent, everything was on time, and the quality of the logo was amazing!"

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Building - MrAsna

Rating: 8.5/10 (85%)


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